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On January 22, 2023, billions of people around the world will be celebrating the most important of all Chinese holidays -- Chinese New Year!

Complete with fireworks (invented in China), dragon dance, and those little red envelopes, it’s a festival that you don’t want to miss.

And of course, it is the day that the Chinese Zodiac changes over to the next of the twelve animals in the cycle. After seeing this coming year’s honoree, we had to join in on the fun.

Hoppy New Year?

PERSONALIZED  Q1. Annual Animals: What animal, found hopping around this quiz, does the Chinese Zodiac denote as the symbol of the upcoming year?

MISCELLANEOUS Q2. Hoppity Holidays: According to the song, when Peter Cottontail comes hoppin’ down the bunny trail, hippity-hoppity, what springtime holiday is on its way?

POP CULTURE Q3. Disney Deer: Known for his habit of whacking his right hind foot against the ground, Thumper is the BFF of what “B”-loved Disney deer?

POP CULTURE Q4. Comedy Caves: King Arthur and his knights discover that a sweet and innocuous-seeming little guy is actually the vicious guardian of the Cave of Caerbannog in the classic 1975 film " ______ ______ and the Holy Grail.” What comedy troupe’s name goes in the blanks?

MISCELLANEOUS Q5. Battery Brands: Since 1988, this pink and fluffy character "keeps going and going" by beating the drum as a mascot for what vigorous battery brand?

POP CULTURE Q6. Billboard Bouncers: Patricias, Nicoles, and Sofías are some of the many girlfriends sung about in "Tití Me Preguntó," a 2022 single that bounced up the Billboard Hot 100 for what Puerto Rican superstar rapper?

FINE ARTS Q7. Capital Cities: Perhaps one of the most famous European paintings of an animal, the 1502 watercolor “Young Hare” by Albrecht Dürer hangs in the Albertina museum in what Austrian capital city?

SOCIAL STUDIES Q8. Honshu Helpers: Set in what is now the island of Honshu, the White Hare of Inaba, who rewards the hero Onamuchi for his kindness by helping him marry a princess, is an ancient legend from what East Asian nation?

MISCELLANEOUS Q9. Steinem Sagas: In 1963, Gloria Steinem strapped on a fluffy tail and ginormous ears to work as a server for an article she wrote about a namesake Big Apple gentlemen's club launched by what magazine that really does have great articles?

POP CULTURE Q10. Euphoric Emmys: A two-time Emmy winner for her role as Rue Bennett in the TV series Euphoria and a top-40 singer with the 2013 song “Replay,” what one-named star voiced Lola Bunny in the 2021 reboot Space Jam: A New Legacy?

PERSONALIZED  Q11. 2000s Pop Culture: In 2000, who starred in the live-action remake of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas?” (Hint: Oddly, not the first time he had a green face in a film!)

TIEBREAKER Chinese Census: According to a revised report by the United Nations, India is projected to surpass China as the most populous country in the world by the end of 2023. According to the U.S. Census Bureau what is the current population of China as of the end of 2022?

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