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Hey there gumshoes! We could use your help again solving this week's mystery round.

You'll need to answer questions 1 - 9 and then help us figure out how they're all connected in question 10! Happy hunting!

SCIENCE & TECH Q1. Foreign Flora: Salix babylonica is the scientific name for the cascading or shall we say “weeping” species of what deciduous tree native to the dry areas of Northern China?

SCIENCE & TECH Q2. Round Reinventions: While the saying goes that it’s reinvented unnecessarily all the time, what round simple machine component actually first burst onto the scene in Lower Mesopotamia in approximately the fourth millennium BCE?

SOCIAL STUDIES Q3. Biblical Beasts: Chaos erupted upon the arrival of what reptile in Genesis Chapter 3: “And the LORD God said unto the ______, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life”

WORD PLAY Q4. Political Poetry: Dazzling limerick time! Caesar and Trajan all dressed in their sandals / Ready to put behind all their scandals / Found paraffin suppliers / Made a few key hires / And opened a store that sold ______ ______

SCIENCE & TECH Q5. Space Science: In one of the more explosive moments of Renaissance science, Edmund Halley used data from sightings in 1531, 1607, and 1682 to correctly predict that a specific example of what type of celestial body would return in the late 1750s? You’ll get your next chance to see it in 2061.

FINE ARTS Q6. Parenting Poorly: “The Overparenting Epidemic: Why ______ Parenting Is Bad for Your Kids . . . and Dangerous for You, Too!” What type of rotorcraft fills in the blank from the title of a 2014 book?

POP CULTURE Q7. Corona Christmas: For over 30 years in a Corona holiday ad, a single cabana sits alongside the ocean at night. Ten seconds of silence are broken by a whistling rendition “O Christmas Tree.” Suddenly, the darkness is broken when what type of tree is suddenly illuminated?

MISCELLANEOUS Q8. Cooking Containers: A pestle is a blunt, club-shaped object often used for crushing and grinding cooking ingredients into pastes or powders. What type of bowl is it traditionally paired with it for those looking to add some bang and pop to your food?

POP CULTURE Q9. Turkish Translations : The Runaways in 1976, John Mellencamp in 1987, and Kylie Minogue in 2007. “Kiraz bombasi” is the Turkish translation of what explosively fruity, two-word song title by those three artists?

WORD PLAY Q10. Trivia Theme: “You just gotta ignite the light, And let it shine, Just own the night, Like the Fourth of July.” So goes what Katy Perry song that each of the previous answers are examples of?

TIEBREAKER Scottish Sightseeing: The M80 is a motorway in Scotland’s central belt running between Glasgow and Stirling carrying around 60,000 vehicles a day. After its completion in 2011, how many KILOMETERS long is the route?

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