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  • Submit your answers by 10:59am ET 9/26/23
  • Don't cheat. Cheating is bad. Using Google IS cheating.
  • Trivia graders don't care about spelling (but try your hardest)
  • No negative points for incorrect responses (so guess to your heart's content)
  • Email [email protected] for clarification on any questions

Hey there gumshoes! We could use your help again solving this week's mystery round.

You'll need to answer questions 1 - 9 and then help us figure out how they're all connected in question 10! Happy hunting!

SOCIAL STUDIES Q1. Flag Features: Liberia’s has eleven. The U.S. has thirteen. And Malaysia’s got fourteen. What red and white design element on each’s national flag are we referring to?

SOCIAL STUDIES Q2. Notable Nicknames: If a U.S. state’s nickname was “The Hello State,” we’d probably find that to be quite odd. Yet for some reason it’s completely acceptable and understandable that Hawaii’s nickname is The ______ State.

MISCELLANEOUS Q3. Furniture Food: Company founder Ingvar Kamprad felt his company’s restaurants were a mess, so in 1985 they overhauled the menu and added what item, known in Swedish as Köttbullar, which IKEA now sells over 1 billion of every single year?

SOCIAL STUDIES Q4. Phil's Prediction: The semi-mythical Punxsutawney Phil comes out of its burrow to predict the arrival of spring in what annual holiday?

SOCIAL STUDIES Q5. Caribbean Countries: The world's leading producer of arrowroot is what big island who couples with the 32-island Grenadines in the name of a certain Caribbean nation?

SOCIAL STUDIES Q6. Dakotan Destinations: New York mining promoter James Wilson hired an attorney named Charles E. ______ to visit the Black Hills of South Dakota to confirm his land claims. When Charles asked the local guide what the name of a certain mountain was, the guide erroneously claimed it was unnamed. Henceforth, the mountain and future National Memorial took on what name?

MISCELLANEOUS Q7. Pivotal People: What term can mean both the main pivot in the steering mechanism of a vehicle or a person in charge of a criminal organization?

POP CULTURE Q8. Lil Limbo: “To the windoooooooow. To the wall.” That’s the signature line from what Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz tune that could easily be used as a theme song for a limbo competition?

MISCELLANEOUS Q9. All-Time Advertisements: According to a group of Purdue engineering students, the answer is actually 252 licks! But what type of pop started advertising in 1969 that the world may never know how many it takes to get to the eponymous center of one of its confectioneries?

PERSONALIZED  Q10. Trivia Theme: Help us solve the mystery! All of the previous answers are movies featuring what deadpan actor who turns 73 on September 21, 2023?

TIEBREAKER Scary Surveys: Who you gonna call? Perhaps we could use some real life Ghostbusters as according to a Pew Research study, what percentage of Americans claimed to have seen a ghost?

Quiz is closed and your answers are now locked! Graders are grading and results will be sent on 9/26/23