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PERSONALIZED  Q1. Summer In Review 2022: Summer's almost gone | We had some good times | But they're gone | The winter's comin' on…And yes, The Doors’ lyrics have sadly become relevant once again as we come to the end of September. However! There were so many notable events from the past few months that we figured we’d pay homage to with this Summer in Review 2022. On June 30th, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in as Justice Stephen Breyer’s replacement on what nine-member judicial body?

POP CULTURE Q2. Looking for Love: Was this actually the craziest season ever?!?! Co-runners-up on Clayton’s season of the male-led sister show, Rachel AND Gabby had 32 single men vying for their love on the 19th season of what reality competition show?

CURRENT EVENTS Q3. Mega Mergers: Before I even ask the question, just know that this is not the place to complain about travel horror stories! After flirting with a Frontier Airlines merger, what soul-sucking, yellow-clad airline ultimately sold itself to JetBlue in July for almost $4 billion?

CURRENT EVENTS Q4. Belatedly Betrothed: Bennifer 2.0 is officially official. After a broken early 2000s engagement, what are the last names of the two celebrities who finally tied the knot in Vegas this July?

SPORTS & GAMES Q5. Spicy Shooters: Now that’s a spicy NBA player! In June, the Golden State Warriors won their 4th NBA Championship since 2015 behind the Finals MVP performance of not yellow, red, green but rather Steph ______?

POP CULTURE Q6. Brandi's Bestie: 52 years after paradise was originally paved to make way for a parking lot, the “Brandi Carlile and Friends” set at the Newport Folk Festival welcomed the first public performance in 20 years from what folk legend?

POP CULTURE Q7. TV Tootaloos: Don’t phone this one in! While very few shows will ever reach the heights of “Breaking Bad," this summer saw AMC conclude what spinoff starring Bob Odenkirk as a sleazy criminal defense attorney?

POP CULTURE Q8. DNA Divas: If you watched at least one minute of TikTok this summer, you would have seen homemade dances of people all over the world “Feeling fussy, walkin' in [their] Balenci-ussy's” to what singer’s 2022 song “About Damn Time?”

CURRENT EVENTS Q9. Taiwan Trips: Despite hand-wringing by the White House and stiff opposition by China, Taiwan welcomed a summer visit from an American delegation led by what current House speaker?

SCIENCE & TECH Q10. Colossal Colliders: Abbreviated LHC, what is the three-word name of the world’s largest and highest-energy particle collider located on the France-Switzerland border that began its third run this summer after taking a four-year hiatus for improvement upgrades? (No pressure but the first time around, it proved the existence of the God Particle!)

PERSONALIZED  Q11. 2000s Pop Culture: What rapper and former teen singer, of such late 90’s/early 2000’s hits as “Crush On You”, “That’s How I Beat Shaq”, and “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)”, is planning on boxing former NBA player Lamar Odom in a June 2021 boxing exhibition match?

TIEBREAKER Record Rowing: Kicking off their journey in June, Libby Costello, Sophia Denison-Johnston, Brooke Downes and Adrienne Smith set a Guinness World Record for being the fastest to row a boat from San Francisco to Honolulu. How many MINUTES did their journey take?

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