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A Roman clergyman preaching to persecuted Christians ultimately becomes a martyr in the year 269 CE…bet that wasn’t the way that Valentine’s Day was first described to you!

The Feast of Saint Valentine is upon us, which means the one night that it’s even hard to get a reservation at the Applebee’s.

To celebrate the most amorous of holidays, we had Cupid scrounge up some of his favorites for y’all to enjoy!

POP CULTURE Q1. Vivacious Vocalists: As a musician, she rose to prominence as the lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Hole. But she may be equally famous for her marriage to late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. What is her first and last name?

SOCIAL STUDIES Q2. State Slogans: With an iconic logo famously drawn in 1976 by Milton Glaser in the back of a cab with a red crayon, the Empire State introduced what four-word slogan on July 15, 1977?

FINE ARTS Q3. Travel Titles: Elizabeth Gilbert was a divorced 34 year old who traveled to Italy, India, and Indonesia in what memoir that’s simply made up of the three verbs which she uses to describe what occurred in each locale?

POP CULTURE Q4. Popular Programs: Some 'splaining first: in 1952-1953, 67.3% of all TV-owning U.S. households tuned in to watch what TV show? It holds the all-time Nielsen record for highest-average rating for a single season.

MISCELLANEOUS Q5. Petrol Places: Road warriors should have no problem identifying what truck-stop chain founded in 1964 by husband and wife duo Tom and Judy and which now is among one of the largest private companies in the U.S.?

SOCIAL STUDIES Q6. Hippie Happenings: Approximately lasting from Spring Break to Columbus Day 1967, what is the name given to the social phenomenon that occurred when ~100,000 hippies and hippie-adjacents came to hang in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District?

POP CULTURE Q7. Amazing Actresses: 90’s fans will have no problem identifying which actress whose 1995-1999 run includes “Party of Five,” two “I Know What You Did Last Summer” installments, and, finally, playing Amanda Beckett in “Can’t Hardly Wait?”

FINE ARTS Q8. Proverb Premieres : John Lyly's probably thrilling 1578 book “Euphues” introduced what proverb that's come to mean that there are certain situations in which people do not follow the usual rules of behavior and do things that are otherwise considered unjust?

CURRENT EVENTS Q9. Crushed Cowboys: Since 1992, the Green Bay Packers have had only three men anointed formally as their preferred starting quarterback. Brett Favre gave way to Aaron Rodgers who gave way to a man with what first and last name who took over the reins in 2023 and became the latest person to end a Cowboys run for the Super Bowl?

POP CULTURE Q10. Coupled Contestants: A group of single contestants live together in a specially constructed villa that is isolated from the outside world. Contestants can be booted from the villa either via failing to couple up or the public voting them off. As old contestants are dumped, new ones enter the villa. At the end of the season, the public votes one final time to determine the winning couple. This is a wild and approximately correct description of what television franchise that can trace its roots back to a 2005 ITV show?

TIEBREAKER Valentine Viability: Long considered as one of the more controversial holidays given its divergent appeal to people both in and out of committed relationships, the National Retail Federation reports that what percentage of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2023?

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