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XYZ Company Individual Results

👑 Winner: Neville - 10
(Tiebreaker: 25)

2nd: Henry - 8
(Tiebreaker: 13)

3rd: Adriene - 8
(Tiebreaker: 13; submitted 1:40PM)

Rounding out the top 10...
Daniel - 7 (T: 34), Siddarth - 7 (T: 12), Evan N. - 7 (T: 8), Alice - 6 (T: 34), Kelwen - 6 (T: 25), Lindsay - 5 (T: 27), Erin - 5 (T: 37)

🎯 How'd Valerie know Q‎9?

"I love all things behind-the-scenes of production, so I OF COURSE took the NBC Studio tour the last time I was in New York!"

😂 Funniest Answer: Alice

🌍 Participants: 28

📈 Average score: 6.9

🏆 Winning team: Team Deep Knowledge
Team score of 7.0 from Daniel, Henry, Neville, Perry

Team Deep Knowledge Individual Results

🥇 Leader: Neville - 10
(Tiebreaker: 25)

2nd: Henry - 8
(Tiebreaker: 13)

3rd: Daniel - 7
(Tiebreaker: 34)

Rounding out the top 4...
Perry - 3

How'd you do?


🎊 You beat your average score of 7.7!

1st of 28 at XYZ Company

1st of 4 in Team Deep Knowledge

🧠 Most impressive knowledge
Only 12% of your group got #9

🍯 Your sweet spot
Current Events (100% in 2020)

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Question Answer Your response % Correct
Your Group WCT Overall
Q1 Medical sonography is a diagnostic imaging technique most often associated with what "U" auditory word? Ultrasound Ultrasonic 87% 96%
Q2 What "sweet" Canadian actor and comedian rose to fame as a member of the Toronto branch of the Second City, starred in major movies like "Uncle Buck," and died of a heart attack in Mexico at the age of 43?
John Candy

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John Candy 37% 90%
He has appeared in more John Hughes movies than any other actor, starring or doing cameos in seven of them.
Q3 The mob boss Constantino Paul "Big Paul" Castellano was part of what crime family? The family shares its last name with the stage name of Donald Glover. Gambino Gambino 87% 89%
Q4 The airship era of passenger flight had a quick demise after what German-made ship disastrously crashed in New Jersey in 1937? Hindenburg Hindenburg 100% 88%
Q5 What is the order of insects with over 2,400 species that is most closely related to termites and cockroaches? These insects have elongated bodies and large forelegs adapted for catching and gripping prey. Their signature, upright posture with folded forearms has led to their common nickname. Mantis Praying Mantis 100% 86%
Q6 In 1930, how many stars were on the American flag? 48 48 75% 79%
Q7 In order to agree to a role in the Star Wars prequel films, actor Samuel L. Jackson requested that his character's lightsaber would be what color? The request was eventually accepted. Purple Purple 75% 73%
Q8 What yogurt drink flavored with fruit or spices is a favorite beverage in India? Lassi

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Lassi 87% 69%
Q9 Since its inception, Saturday Night Live has broadcast from what alphanumeric studio within NBC's headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza? Studio 8H 8H 12% 24%
Q10 Excluding Martha's children from a prior marriage, how many children did George and Martha Washington have together? Zero 0 25% 28%
TB Excluding the one federal district, how many official states does the country of Brazil have? 26 25 AVG: 22.625


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